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What are the dimensions and weights of your produce bags?
Small produce = 15 grams and 20 x 25 cm
Medium produce = 21 grams and 25 x 30 cm
Large produce = 27 grams and 30 x 38 cm
What are your bags made from?
Biodegradable, certified organic cotton and cotton mesh. 
The material has been given a GOTs certification - (Global organic textile standard) which is issued by the control union in the Netherlands.
Where are your bags made?
Although we would have loved to make our bags here in New Zealand, it simply was not affordable to do so. We carefully select and partner with manufacturers overseas and ensure that they meet ethical working conditions.
Is there a weight limit for each of the bags?
Whilst we don't have an exact weight limit, we have found that the bags have held everything and anything we have put in them. The tote bag fits around 3 normal shopping bags full of items. They are made of sturdy cotton - you will be surprised what you can fit in there.
Can the bags be washed?
Yes they can. We recommend washing in a cold wash with a non bleaching washing powder. 


Isn’t silicone a plastic?

Our silicone products are 100% BPA and plastic-free.

Silicone is a safer choice than plastic for our bodies as it contains none of the toxic chemicals that can leech from plastics into our food.

Silicone is also more environmentally sustainable than plastic and is made largely from sand. 

Our silicone products can be used time and time again making them a better choice than many of the reusable alternatives.

Many countries now have a recycling programme in place so that once your product has reached the end of its life, it can be made into something else. Just contact your local council to find out.

 How do I remove the stains and/or odours from my silicone ware?

To remove any odours and/or stains caused by food or liquids, simply soak the product in baking soda and warm water for around 2 hours.

 How do I use the food covers?

Our stretchable food covers can be tricky to use at first but we promise you will get the hang of it. The main thing is to ensure that the cover and whatever you are placing it over are as dry as possible so the cover can stick. We suggest starting with the end closest to your body and stretching it away from yourself.

How do I use the food wraps?
Make sure that whatever you are covering as well as the wrap itself is completely dry. Place the wrap shiny side down with the bumps facing up. Stretch the food wrap over the surface of the dish from one side to the other until it grips and forms an airtight bond.
How do I collapse my coffee cup? 
Remove the white ring with the logo and then break the airtight seal by opening the mouth piece. Push the middle of the bottom piece all the way in.

 What is the heat range for your silicone ware?

The silicone products are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer. If using our silicone bags in the microwave then please remove the slider beforehand. They are temperature resistant between -40 and 220 degrees celsius (with the exception of our baking mats which are resistant up to 200 degrees celsius). Please note our coffee cups can not be microwaved  and are temperature resistant between -40 and 200 celcius.

What are your shipping costs?
New Zealand
For both North and South Island, there is a flat shipping rate of $5. Rural deliveries are an additional $5.
For all Australian states there is a flat shipping rate of $20 NZD.
For all American orders there is a flat shipping rate of $60 NZD.
United Kingdom
For all UK orders there is a flat shipping rate of $48 NZD.
You can be assured that the current prices are the absolute lowest we can offer however we are always looking for ways to make shipping cheaper for our customers. 
What are the shipping time frames?
We aim to ship your order the following business day after it is received. You will be sent a shipping notification email with tracking information.
New Zealand
Normal deliveries are usually received the following business day and rural deliveries could be an additional 2 days on top of this. Please email us if you have not received tracking information.
Our courier company aim to have your goods delivered within 5 business days of the order being fulfilled.
America and United Kingdom
Our courier company aim to have your goods delivered within 6 business days of the order being fulfilled.
What about customs charges?
If you are ordering goods outside of New Zealand, we encourage you to check what charges are enforced by your local authorities.
Do you offer wholesale options?
Yes, we do! Please get in touch with us by emailing and we would be more than happy to work with you.
What else are you doing to be a sustainable company?
Great question! We are currently working with Sustainable Coastlines New Zealand, donating a portion of our sales so that we can keep the coastlines as beautiful and as clean as ever!
We also use recycled material where possible. We have recently started using courier bags made from recycled plastic which are also fully recyclable. All you need to do is remove the label before recycling.